Test Your Knowledge on the On-Line BMFA Achievement Scheme Practice Questions


On this page you will find an online test of questions that may be used during your A or B test together with the BMFA mandatory questions of which any five of twenty questions may be asked during the test. It must be noted that ALL five questions in the mandatory questions section must be answered correctly, failing in one question will mean the failure of the full test. It is important not to learn the answers but to understand why a particular answer is right or wrong. If you are in any doubt, then refer back to your BMFA handbook.

If you put your email address in the start of the test, it will email feedback to you showing what you got wrong and what the right answer is. You can also see this information on line at the end of the test by clicking the magnifying glass at the top of the page in the coloured bar.

Please note if you are going to take your 'B' test you need to know the 'A' test answers too.

Each link below will present a different set of questions when revisited.

Now test your knowledge.

BMFA Fixed Wing 'A' and BPC Questions

BMFA Mandatory Questions BMFA FW 'A' Test Schedule BMFA FW 'B' Test Schedule